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Emily started her baking journey in 2017 when her best friend was unhappy with a birthday cake she had ordered. The cake arrived with words spelled incorrectly and wrong icing colors. Witnessing her friend's total disappointment, she decided to try and make her next cake - just the way she wanted. This is where she discovered her passion for baking, and is completely self-taught.

Travelling around the globe is what inspires her to continue designing unique celebration desserts. She's tasted French macarons in Paris, experienced the Cronut while visitng the infamous Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho, and sampled authentic Mandazi in Arusha, Tanzania. She has a true passion to explore unique blends of flavors and style.

"Knowing that my customers experienced an amazing cake is what fuels my business. I always add a personal touch to every order and create my version of artwork through sugar design and flavor. That's what I love the most about my business... creating memories through cakes!"

Some of the most popular flavors in the collection stem from German family recipes, the most notable being Oma's Kranker Patch cake. It's a tasty mix of special yellow cake and strong dark roast coffee. The aroma is the perfect blend of delicately sweet buttercream with a bold finish from the coffee bean. Traditional icing is too thin for creating intricate decorations, so this cake is always assembled with the utmost simplicity. It's her favorite cake, and closest to her heart. ​

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